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Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom with two sinks, bathtub, mirror, and flowers.

Remodeling your bathroom can add thousands of dollars of worth to your investment. In fact the bathroom is one of the most important rooms that a prospective buyer will consider. Apart from an increase in monetary value, there is the intangible added value a remodeled bathroom will make to your home. A bathroom remodel is one of the most important decisions one can make and requires deep consideration and understanding. Regardless of whether one is aware of all the intricacies and options that are contained within a bathroom remodel can be quite simply removed through utilizing the Barfield Contracting remodeling services. We have been remodeling bathrooms for over 25 years and have expert insight into materials, products, layout and functionality, making our team one of the most respected and renowned remodeling contractors available. Our team are committed from the outset to your bathroom remodeling needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

One-Day Bathroom Remodel

On the surface a One-Day Bathroom Remodeling service seems inconceivable. However, Barfield Contracting Renovations have perfected the function to confidently offer our clients a guaranteed one-day turnaround.

Full-Service Bath Remodeling

A Full Service Bath Remodel is an extensive and intuitive service that Barfield Contracting Renovations have continued to flawlessly deliver for decades.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

A Bathtub to Shower Conversion from Barfield Contracting Renovations has the ability to add functionality, and to positively change the aspect and appearance of the bathroom.

Shower to Shower Conversion

Convert your old worn out shower into a beautiful new shower, complete with new shower walls, floor, apparatus, and surround.

Replacement Bathtubs

Replacing your bathtub can brighten up and add sophistication to your bathroom. Barfield Contracting Renovations service includes removing, reinstating and updating the plumbing of the new tub.

Shower Installations

A fantastic shower by Barfield Contracting not only looks great, it can dramatically change water flow and pressure providing an excellent cost and environment saving initiatives.

Sentrel Wall Systems

Sentrel is going from strength to strength due to their advances in technology and design. Barfield Contracting Renovations works in-conjunction with Sentrel products.

Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic Bathtubs are once again making a huge splash on the market by increasing their range without compromising their enduring advantage.