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General Contracting for Homeowners

A workspace with hammer, paintbrush, ruler, blueprints, and paint samples.

Unlike other construction companies that are simply brokers of construction services, Barfield Contracting is a true builder. As often as possible Barfield Contracting performs critical portions of its own projects including; pile driving, sheeting/shoring, structural concrete, carpentry, door and hardware installation and select demolition. This provides many benefits to the owner including; saving time and money, quality control and proper safety protocols.

Whether you’re breaking ground on a completely new house or building, or renovating your existing space, Barfield Contracting can help make sure the General Contracting project is completed precisely to your specifications. We work with you, the architects, the construction workers, and anyone else involved to coordinate efforts efficiently. We’ll oversee the management of the construction site to ensure that everything adheres to your vision and is completed in a timely manner. Call or visit Barfield Contracting in Cocoa Village, FL today to learn more about our services.

At Barfield Contracting, “safety first” is not just a catchphrase, it is a foundational principle. The safety of Barfield Team Members and all those working on our job sites is the most important part of every project. Our total safety culture takes an active approach to planning, managing and monitoring all aspects of site safety and accident prevention.

Our People-Based Safety program is spearheaded by a multi-level team that includes a corporate safety director and a committee comprised of senior executives. Together, this team meets regularly to set corporate safety standards, review job site safety reporting on a project-by-project basis, determine improvement opportunities and ensure that safety is top of mind for every Barfield Contracting Team Member.