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Hurricane Dorian Roof Damage

Do you have roof damage from Hurricane Dorian?

Hurricane Dorian roof damage

Types of Roofs That Barfield Repairs

At Barfield roofing, we can supply you with a variety of roof types including asphalt shingles, metal, tile and flat commercial roofs.

You may think that a few loose shingles are not a big deal. But they can bring water intrusion which can create mold and other issues inside your walls.

You need to take care of any roof damage as soon as possible. That's what Barfield roofing does. We can get your shingle roof repaired or replaced very quickly, leading to less of a chance of other damage occurring.

If you think you have experienced roof damage from Hurricane Dorian, it is important to contact us right away to get an inspection and an estimate for a repair or replacement. Fill out our Scheduling Form to get on our schedule as quickly as possible.

Barfield Roofing is prepared to assist you with any roof damage you may have suffered. Whether you have damage on your home or a commercial property we can handle any type of roof.


Asphalt Shingles damaged