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Residential Roofing

Types of Residential Roofs

Installation of Asphalt Shingle roof

Asphalt Shingles

These shingles are the most popular with roofers and homeowners, as they are durable and relatively inexpensive. Other benefits include the wide variety of colors and styles, ease of installation and suitability for a wide range of temperatures. Asphalt shingles also provide reliable waterproofing. Click here to contact us and get your quote. Learn more.


Slate & Tile Roofing

Slate may be the answer if you are looking for a sophisticated roofing material for an upscale home. Advantages to slate include its natural appearance, fire resistance, invulnerability to rot, ease of maintenance and an expected life of 100 years. Slate is available in a variety of colors and styles. Learn more.

Slates Roof. Modern American South West Style Home Roof Closeup Photo.
Metal roof by Barfield Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly viable, as metal shingles are low maintenance, lightweight and more environmentally friendly. However, installation can be tricky and requires a contractor with experience installing a metal roof. As a metal roof starts to lose its shine, repainting is an option as long as the roof’s structural integrity is in good shape. It usually costs less to repaint a metal roof than to replace it. Learn more.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs can require a great deal of maintenance. As the homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring it stays watertight. The roof must be cleaned regularly to prevent leaves and debris from clogging the drain. Also, the sun will gradually cause the roof to degrade, as flat roofs located in environments where the temperature can go from hot to cold in a short period of time are more vulnerable to damage.

Flat roofs are typically less expensive to install than sloped roofs. They may provide a safer option, as there is less chance of falling off when you are on top of a flat roof. They are usually easy to access and can allow you to achieve a certain visual appearance.

Although some newer green-friendly solutions reduce heat absorption for flat roofs and offer greater leak-proof protection, often the coating doesn’t last a long time. A flat roof may need replacing within 15 years and the replacement cost can be high. Looking for a no obligation quote? Click here to contact us today.