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Barfield Roofing Terms and Conditions


Barfield Contracting & Associates, Inc. (“Contractor’)

Roofing Contract


Rev November 2018


Many field representatives with whom you work to finalize your contract details are independent contractors. They are not permitted to bind Contractor except to the extent (i) expressly provided in your Contract and (ii) these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about the specific scope of work you require, or the Contract terms, please contact the Cocoa office directly to communicate with a Contractor employee.

Warranties and limitation on liability: Removal of the roofing system lifts a great weight from the structure and can result in uplift in the building, sometimes resulting in interior cracking of walls, ceilings and floors. Such cracking may disappear upon roof replacement, however, uplift is unavoidable. Contractor shall not be liable should interior cracks occur. Contactor is not responsible for any damage to artwork on walls should this occur. Any re-roofing requires removal of the membrane protecting the building from rainwater. Contractor shall use best efforts to cover the roof if rain occurs during re-roofing. However, if rain does occur during re-roofing, Contractor shall not be liable for any damages related to or caused by rain. Contractor is not a dealer in roofing materials, and does not warranty materials supplied or installed. Owner agrees that (i) shingles and tiles shall vary in color and texture over time, and that some variation does not constitute a default under the Contract, and (ii) Contractor is not responsible for damages to the home resulting from delays in delivery of selected roof materials.

Materials and Labor warranty:

Contractor will only warrant its work. Damage arising from acts of others or nature are not covered by warranty, including consequential damage to the interior of your property due to a warranty claim event, including but not limited to damaged drywall or flooring. For example, if air conditioning line located in the attic leaks, resulting damage is obviously not warranted. Any damage believed to be a warranty matter should be reported immediately in writing to Contractor’s Cocoa office.

Once the roof passes final inspection, events such as named storms, wind driven rain, or rodent infestation are not considered warranty work.

Additionally, Owner agrees and is fully aware that failure to pay the Contract Price in full that the warranty will be rendered null and void until payment has been received in its entirety. Furthermore, any Wind Mitigation Inspection will not be performed and GAF System Plus Extended Warranty will not be applicable until payment has been received in full. Owner is also fully aware that anyone other than Contractor, employee(s), any other personnel not exclusively authorized by Contractor or anyone else without Contractor’s exclusive written consent (including the homeowner) that works on or performs repairs of ANY type on ANY portion of new roof during warranty period, shall render customer’s entire warranty irrevocably null and void. There shall be no warranty on tie-in areas (two different roofs) if work on both sides is not completed simultaneously. There will also be no warranty on or around existing skylights if they are not replaced as part of reroof work.

Warranty Transfers: In the event that warranty transfer is desired, a transfer fee of $500 will be charged to the new owner of the home upon the initial warranty repair request. Only one such transfer is permitted.


Commercial/multifamily: If the work is performed on any non-residential or multi-family property Owner understands and agrees that there may be some interference with normal tenant use and schedules, including but not limited to noise, pedestrian traffic access/flows, parking, and related matters.

Removal of screens and other roof obstructions: Owner shall remove and replace, at its expense, all screens, solar panels, satellite dishes, or other objects that obstruct access to fascia or other areas of the roof or surface being repaired or replaced. Contractor will not be responsible for damage to gutters, soffit, fascia, plumbing, electrical or cable lines. Contractor may remove and reinstall existing satellite dishes; however, Contractor will not be responsible for repositioning of the satellite dish. Contractor will not be responsible for leaks occurring in screen enclosures, existing porch roofs or pan roofs unless otherwise specified as a part of the Contract.

General Conditions: It is agreed that a dumpster will be located on site during the construction period. Owner will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging existing cracks and/or damages to driveway; A release form will be requested by Dumpster Company and Material Supplier, failing which Owner is responsible for any/all damages. Access to the construction area will be discussed and agreed by Owner and Contractor prior to commencement of construction. Contractor will not be responsible for damage or the repair to existing landscaping, curbing, sprinkler lines, underground utility lines, or grass in designated construction area. GUTTERS - Owner understands some minor gutter damage may occur during the detaching and resetting, required during the reroof process. Contractor will not be responsible for replacing gutters.

Removal of government permits or re-location/removal of ladders by the Owner can result in permitting authorities requiring re-inspection of the Work. Owner agrees to pay $250 re-inspection fee for each such occurrence.

INHERENT CONDITIONS: Owner acknowledges that sags in roof trusses, dips or uneven appearance of shingles are naturally occurring conditions that are cosmetic in nature, not structural defects.

Owner understands that this is a designated construction site and that hazards will exist. Owner agrees to hold Contractor harmless from any damages, deaths, or injuries to Owner, invitees, and guests. Protection of personal property left on site is the responsibility of the Owner.

Notice to Owner (NTO): An NTO will be sent to Owner 10 days from the date that the invoice was created if the balance on your project has not been paid in full, and will result in an additional $1000.00 charge to Owner. This process does NOT mean there is a lien on your property, but rather protects Contractor payment rights and serves as a reminder that you still owe a balance for the work performed. A lien will be placed on the property within 30 days from the date of the invoice if past due balances have not been paid in full.